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Dendritic Cell Therapy

Dendritic cell therapy is based on the body's own so-called dendritic cells. It is our goal that through our gentle treatment a "revival" of the immune system of your pet is initiated. The treatment with dendritic cells can increase the life expectancy of your animal considerably.

In contrast to chemotherapy, the patient is not weakened. The immune system is strengthened and restored.

Dendritic cell therapy can be used in dogs, cats, and horses with tumours.


Innovative and gentle tumour treatment

The dendritic cell therapy is an innovative treatment concept that is individually adapted to the treatment of your animal. Dr. Thomas Grammel uses modern approaches from human medicine to offer your pet the best possible treatment for a tumour.

In contrast to chemotherapy, which uses very toxic substances, dendritic cell therapy poses no danger to you, your four-legged friend or your veterinarian. Dendritic cell therapy offers a very good treatment alternative, especially if you still have children living in your house or if you are pregnant.

Treatment and Consultation

 Dendritic cell therapy can be performed in the practice of your regular veterinarian. This is then a stress-free form of treatment - they are in familiar surroundings. Talk to us - we will talk to your family vet or find a solution near you. We are happy to discuss your case individually and make treatment suggestions. During the entire treatment period, we accompany you and your four-legged friend in a competent and friendly manner.

The health insurance for your patient may cover the cost of dendritic cell therapy. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you an individual offer so that you can submit it to your health insurance company.

Increase of quality of life for you and your animal

 It is important for us that your pet does not suffer. We work to improve your pet's quality of life and increase its life expectancy. We want to achieve this through our immunologic treatment approach. The side effects of our treatment method are very low. Shortly after the treatment, you may experience seldom an increased body temperature and a slight tiredness. However, these side effects should be seen as a positive response of the immune system. They mean that the patient's immune system is responding to the dendritic cell therapy.

In addition, the quality of life for your pet should improve. You do not have to travel long distances to a specialist. The therapy can be carried out in the familiar surroundings of the established veterinarian.

What are dendritic cells?

Dendritic cells have the task of recognizing tumour cells in the body and stimulating their destruction. However, since the tumour cells disrupt the function of the dendritic cells, they are no longer able to recognise the tumour cells and induce their destruction.

We can manufacture functional dendritic cells from special blood cells of your animal. These cells are then able to recognise the tumour cells and initiate their destruction. Thus, the immune system of the patient starts to defend itself against the tumor cells again.

The dendritic cells are used by your veterinarian in various tumour diseases.

On the one hand, dendritic cell therapy can help if the tumour could not be completely removed and there are still remaining tumour cells in the body of your animal. Here the dendritic cells can stimulate the destruction of the remaining cells in the patient.

On the other hand, dendritic cell therapy can help with malignant tumours that tend to recur (recurrence). The probability of this recurrence should be reduced.

Procedure of dendritic cell therapy at your vet

  • For dendritic cell therapy, your vet will take a blood sample from your patient.
  • The blood sample are collected from your vet using a refrigerated express delivery service and begins cultivating the dendritic cells. Our GMP certified clean room laboratory guarantees the high quality of the dendritic cell therapy you expect.
  • After cultivation, the dendritic cells are placed in an injection solution and returned to your veterinarian by a refrigerated express delivery service.
  • Your vet will then apply the cells. The cells are applied intradermally into the skin. This is usually very straightforward.
  • The process from blood collection to application takes nine days and is performed three times in total, every four weeks.

Free advice from our team of veterinarians on dendritic cell therapy

Dr. Thomas Grammel is specialized in the consultation of patient owners in the case of tumour diseases. In our free consultation you can introduce Dr. Thomas Grammel to your case and get tips and advice on possible therapy approaches. Just give us a call or fill out our short contact form, we will then call you back. Usually we will call you back immediately and discuss the next steps with you. This service is free of charge for you.

We will help you to find the right therapy for your four-legged friend as quickly as possible and to start with it.

Treatment in clinical trial

The dendritic cell therapy is currently still in the clinical trial phase. This means that the responsible authorities have issued a manufacturing license, but no approval for the treatment has yet been received.

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