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Disclaimer regarding the statements about the Dendritic Cell Therapy

The contents and statements on this website are directed exclusively at persons who belong to the circle of experts according to the German Drug Advertising Act (e.g. veterinarians). The information is exclusively for this group of persons and is not directed at consumers. Consumers or patient owners should please contact their veterinarian.

Dendritic cell therapy is an immunological treatment of tumours in animals. The treatment with dendritic cells is an additional treatment option for the veterinary parctitioner.

The drug has not been approved by the responsible higher federal authority, so that it is not marketable. This does not mean, however, that the unapproved drug may not be used for treatment in individual cases. There is the possibility - even without a licence - of treating animals.

Dr. Thomas Grammel has a manufacturing license for dendritic cell therapy. Within the scope of the clinical trial, dendritic cell therapy may be used in animals.

The risks associated with this new method are new and have not been conclusively clarified. Unknown risks can therefore not be excluded. The dangers are not known in every respect.

It is known that treatment with autologous dendritic animal cells can lead to the following complications:

  • mild fever or chills
  • if residual tumour is present: fistula formation at the site of the tumour / surgical area

Supervision Authority

The competent supervisory authority is the Braunschweig Trade Supervisory Office.

Health statements on this website

Dr. med. vet. Thomas Grammel, Osterode, has been performing the treatment with autologous dendritic cell therapy for more than 18 years and has gained a wide range of experience.

We would like to point out that there are a large number of studies and scientific investigations on dendritic cell therapy itself. These studies and investigations show the effect of dendritic cells and their possible applications in tumour treatment.

The results of these studies are being discussed in the veterinary community.

At the same time we explicitly point out that all our statements do not represent a guarantee of a cure. The effect of all therapies and procedures described by us cannot be guaranteed in any case. The information (which in principle is only directed at professional users), which we make available on our site may not be used for the preparation of own diagnoses and may also not be used to make a decision for one of the described therapies or to change or discontinue an ongoing treatment.

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Fallbeispiele zur Behandlung mit der dendritischen Zelltherapie.